Driving into the future - MAX

New dimensions with MAX Sharing

With its state of the art fleet of electric scooters, MAX offers you the opportunity to move directly to your destination in a way that is as efficient, environmentally friendly and cheap as it has never been before!

Movement Has New Meaning

Find a scooter in the app and select it, or scan the QR code on the scooter to unlock it

The brake is located on the left side next to the handle. Depending on the scooter model, there are 2 brakes on the handles or 1 brake and a foot brake

When it starts getting darker, turn on the lights on the scooter. Press the button below the speed display, it should not activate itself

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That's How MAX  Works

Download the app from the App Store / Play Store and register for free

Find your MAX and scan the QR code, or choose one from the map and start your journey

Drive carefully, observe the local regulations and park MAX properly after the ride so that nobody is obstructed

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Our common goal is not only to satisfy our customers, but also to relieve urban traffic and protect the environment through our innovative system.

Where to Find Us

We are a fast growing company and strive to get close to you

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Take a Ride

Download and activate now the free app on your smartphone and make thus a contribution to the environment-friendly locomotion.

Get a Ride On Your Own Scooter

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Check out all our projects
Check out all our projects